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Applying for a Regular Semester/Term

This is the right section for you if you want to come to the University of Kaiserslautern as an exchange student. You are considered an exchange student if you are staying for one or two semesters at the University of Kaiserslautern and then returning to your home university to finish your studies. Thus, you will not be obtaining a degree from our university.

Hence, Kaiserslautern is located in the centre of Rhineland-Palatinate. The region is characterized by a unique blend of innovative enterprises, brilliant scientific research and highest quality of life. Towards this end, anyone considering university study in Germany has a lot to think about: How can I find a room? How good must my language skills be? Where do I apply? Even those international students who have already arrived in Kaiserslautern still have a lot to do! Therefore, we have provided an overview of the most important information for international students.

Application for a regular semester

Please apply for a semester abroad at the University of Kaiserslautern directly at the Department of International Affairs (isgs) of the University of Kaiserslautern. Hence, you can find further information about the university, faculty and city here. Please choose your affiliation and accomplish the following application procedure:

1. ERASMUS students:

  • Please follow the procedure listed here.
  • For further personal questions you can also contact: Mrs. Nina Huber

2. NON-ERASMUS students:

Nina Huber

Social & Advisory Services
for international students & researchers;
Inquiries & Application: international Programs

Gottlieb-Daimler-Straße 47, Room 626

Tel.:  +49 (0)631 205 4370

Application Deadline:

Completed applications must be received not later than:

  • May 31st for the winter semester
  • November 30th for the summer semester




You are free to join every course offered by our universty. Only sometimes there are limited seats or specific requirements - please keep that in mind. Notice that our university usually offers more courses in English during the summer term than during the winter term.

International Business Courses and Seminars

  • International Business Courses
    During the whole Semester
  • Irregular Courses
    Held by guest lecturers or for events like the Summer School - only for a short period of time
  • Seminars
    Please contact the person offering the seminar for further information

We collected for you a List of all courses and seminars in English (PDF).

(We are working on updating this list, please contact our student assistants for your Learning Agreement)

Language Courses

If you like, you can attend language courses (especially German courses) at the Unversity of Kaiserslautern offered by the organisation "VKB e.V."


Course Registration for Exchange Students

Go to 'KIS-system' and select the semester you are looking for on the left-hand side. The courses are listed by the institutes which offer them. You can see which institute or course of studies belongs to which department.

Exam registration has to be handed in to the central examination office (Prüfungsamt) at least one week before the exam. Registration can be canceled up until one day before the exam.

Your course registration is binding and cannot be changed any more once the registration process is completed. Please keep the deadlines for registration in mind.

Transcript of records & confirmation

Towards this end, we hope you have had a successful semester at the University of Kaiserslautern and you enjoyed the courses. Many of you will need to obtain a transcript of your courses for this past semester. Thus, it is in the students hands to receive the transcripts of records of their stay here at the University of Kaiserslautern.

Therefore you will receive results for every examination you have completed at the University of Kaiserslautern. If you have a written exam, please write on the first page that you are an "International student of the Faculty of Business Studies and Economics". Otherwise, if you have an oral examination please inform the examiner about your background. The examiner will as soon as possible send the results to the examination office. You will be contacted when your Transcript is ready.

Please note: For winter semester 2019/20 the procedure is new and subject to change.

Confirmation of your stay at the University of Kaiserslautern

Please ask your home university if you need any confirmation to be signed by us about your exchange and request them to send you the necessary forms. And if so, contact your coordinator early in advance to make an arrangement with him/her for signing the necessary confirmation.

Important for signatures: If you need a signature or transcript, you need to contact your coordinator early in advance. Note that courses will be until mid of July / February, following professors are often not always present. The best is to contact them still within the course period and not only a few days before your departure, to be sure, that they are present.

Living in Kaiserslautern

Further information about the university, the city, ...

Information Broschure

Living in Kaiserslautern

Semester dates


SemesterStart of the semester Lectures start Lectures end End of the semester Period of exams
Summer term 01.04.April July 30.09.July - August
Winter term 01.10.October February 31.03.February - March

The Faculty

  • high quality education in a top ranked university in Germany
  • very modern technical equipment
  • research institutes with great reputation, e.g. the Fraunhofer Institute, the DFKI (Deutsches Forschungszemtrum für künstliche Intelligenz, Max Planck Institue (MPI)
  • lots of student activities e.g. sports, journeys and various cultural highlights of the region
  • International Office will provide you broad support in any request

The University

  • Future-oriented courses, practical education and modern infrastructure
  • Roughly 14,000 students
  • Close contact to the professors
  • Fully equipped with latest state-of-the-art technology in libraries, laboratories, and computer labs
  • The university has acquired a remarkable reputation in the German university landscape and is ranked as one of the country's top universities.

Kaiserslautern - in the heart of Europe

  • Surrounded by beautiful landscapes, excellent vineyards, ancient Roman cities and castles from the Middle Ages
  • Ideal starting point for discovering the continent
  • An excellent public transport system makes it easy to travel around, i.e. Paris: 3 hour train ride or a free ride to Heidelberg with your student ID
  • 3 nearby airports with cheap offers to many European countries can be reached in one hour.
  • 2 big international airports can be reached in one hour, too.

Going back home

Before Leaving…

Your stay as an exchange student at the University of Kaiserslautern will end soon? Then, we would like to point your attention to the following information, on what exchange students need to do before leaving home:


  • Transcript of Records: You get this official document when all grades of your courses are completed.

  • Incoming-Certificate: After the lecture period has ended, a certificate of attendance issued by the International Office of the Faculty of Business Studies and Economics will be sent to you via e-mail. In case you need the original document, please come to our office hours shortly before you leave. If your home university has its own certificate of attendance, we can sign that document during office hours. Please bring the respective form from your home university - already filled in, in order for us to stamp and sign the document.

  • Optional: You can send us photos or personal feedback via e-mail about your experiences during your stay here in Kaiserslautern – we appreciate every kind of feedback In order for you to have enough time to prepare your leave, approximately two weeks before the lecture period ends, please start thinking about what you still need to do, prior to the end of your study period at University of Kaiserslautern. Before leaving, please make sure that you have all the necessary documents, which you need to hand in at your home institution upon your return.




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