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Summer School 2017

Click to download the pdf-booklet

Global Responsibility: Building the next generation

26th June - 21st July 2017

Academic courses:

  • Introduction of Renewable Energy Technologies
  • Economics of Renewable Energy Technologies
  • Financing of Renewable Energy Technologies
  • Innovation Management
  • The End of Management
  • Professional Presentation Techniques
  • Management in Far-East Asia
  • Optimization of Logistics Systems
  • Introduction to Computational Intelligence
  • Introduction to Multi Agent Systems


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                                                                       Summer School                   Regular semester

Office Hours

Exchange Coordinator (Outgoer)

Rainer Beckmann:  rainer.bekmann[at]wiwi.uni-kl.de

Room 42-136: 

 Office hour: Tue+ Wed 10 am - 12 am

and by arrangement


Exchange Coordinator (Incomer)

Markus Kowalski

Room 42-137

Office hour: Mon + Wed 10 am - 12 am


Student Assistants

Room 42-146

Office hours: Mon - Thu 10 am -12 am



Dagmar Schwarzer

Room 42-140

Office hour: Mo - Thu 10 am -12 am


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