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Information about the stages an Incomer goes through

As an Incomer of the International Office of the Faculty of Business Studies and Economics you go through three stages. Here's information about each of them:

1. Applying for...

There a two ways to be an Incomer of the Faculty of Business Studies and Economics at the University of Kaiserslautern:

4 Weeks in June / July about a specific topic combined with a culture and leisure program

Spend one or two semesters in Kaiserslautern visiting as a regular student


2. Living in Kaiserslautern

How and Why and When and Where to go - be prepared to live in the heart of the Palatinate Forest.

3. Going back home...

...after a wonderful stay in Kaiserslautern - what to do and keep in mind.

Please note!

General information for your incoming & outgoing students of other study programs are provided by the Department of International Affairs: ISGS  =>  http://www.uni-kl.de/international/exchange/home/