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Before going abroad


Important dates..

  • Application deadline for all Outgoing Universities: 31th of January.
  • Apllication period for left places ends on 30th of June.

You are ...

  • a student of the University of Kaiserslautern
  • studying at the Faculty of Business Studies and Economics
  • on an advanced study level (a minimum score of 60 ECTS must be achieved in the Bachelor program) 

You've choosen...

  • the university you want to go to

You've got ...

  • your transcript of records (list of examples for an english translation)
  • all relevant certifications

    • certificates about your internships
    • certificates about your language skills
    • other interesting documents

You've written ...

  • your letter of motivation (For EASMUS Universities in German or English, for non ERASMUS Universities in English)

    • one or two pages
    • Why do you want to go abroad?
    • Why have you chosen that specific country?
    • Why have you chosen that specific university?
    • Which courses are you interested in?

You've filled out ...

Then... send us all the documents above per Mail as PDF Files to application_outgoer@wiwi.uni-kl.de


If you have been accepted...

  1. fill out your Learning Agreement (Anerkennungsvereinbarung) for the courses you want to take. Application for re-examination
  2. if you are an Erasmus student you need the additional ERASMUS+ Learning Agreement (from the central international office in building 47). This dokument is signed by our international office after you have collected the single Learning Agreements from step one.