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New exchange agreement


New exchange agreement with Woosong University, South Korea!


We are very pleased to announce our new partnership with the Woosong University in Daejong, South Korea.


Woosong University belongs to the Woosong Education Foundation which was established in 1954, located in Daejeon, South Korea and has a long history of outstanding work in education, teaching and training with more than 12,000 students, and 780 professors. Woosong University is a specialized university, providing curriculum based on practice and theory. The University has been ranked as an autonomous, top tier university by the Korean Ministry of Education.


Since Woosong University is located near the center of South Korea, there is always something interesting happening, as long as you know where to look. From festivals and cultural events to beautiful sites and unique culinary experiences, they are all within an hour and a half from Woosong.


If you would like to access further information about Woosong University, please visit their homepage:


Interested students can contact Dr. Miruna Sarbu at international(at) on how to apply.

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