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Zum Studieren ins Ausland


Start of the Application periode for spring term 2020.

Free places spring term 2020

Please send your application from 25.06.- 20.07.2019 to application_outgoer(at)

Annerkennungen und freie Plätze

Eine vorläufige Liste der bisherigen Anerkennungsentscheidungen ist verfügbar.

Diese dient als reine Informationsquelle und ist nicht bindend. Eine vollständige Liste wird zu einem späteren Zeitpunkt verfügbar sein.

Download der Liste.


Register for free exchange places in the second term 2019/2020 (srping 2020) from 25.06.-20.07.2019 free exchange places spring 2020.   Fill out your application form  and send all documents to application_outgoer(at)


The Application process is now finished. Please send the "Annahmeerklärung" back until the 15.03.2019

Before going abroad


You are ...

  • a student of the University of Kaiserslautern
  • studying at the Faculty of Business Studies and Economics
  • on an advanced study level (the earliest starting date for doing an exchange is in the third semester, a minimum of 30 ECTS after the second semestre must be achieved in the Bachelor program)

You've choosen...

  • the university you want to go to

You've got ...

  • your transcript of records (list of examples for an english translation)
  • CV (in English if you are applying for non-Erasmus universities)
  • all relevant certifications
    • certificates about your internships
    • certificates about your language skills
    • other interesting documents

You've written ...

  • your letter of motivation (For EASMUS Universities in German or English, for non ERASMUS Universities in English)
    • one or two pages
    • Why do you want to go abroad?
    • Why have you chosen that specific country?
    • Why have you chosen that specific university?
    • Which courses are you interested in?

You've filled out ...

Then... send us all the documents above per Mail as PDF Files to application_outgoer(at)


Application to an Parter university of another department

If you could not find the perfect ERASMUS-partner university for yourself you might find it among the partner universities of the department of your technical subject at the university of Kaiserslautern. This opportunity is only offered to students of the study programs BWL tQ and WI. Those students can apply to the partner universities of the department of their technical qualification. Therefore you need a recommendation letter of the international office Business studies and Economics. This recommendation allows you to apply to free places of the ERASMUS+ Program between the 01.03 till 15.03.2018 via the Mobility-Online database. To get the recommendation letter please send us your "Notenauszug mit Fehlversuchen" to application_outgoer(at)

If you have been accepted...

  1. fill out your Learning Agreement (Anerkennungsvereinbarung) for the courses you want to take. Application for re-examination
  2. if you are an Erasmus student you need the additional ERASMUS+ Learning Agreement (from the central international office in building 47). This dokument is signed by our international office after you have collected the single Learning Agreements from step one. 




Funding Opportunities

The Erasmus+ Program

Since fall 2014, the new EU program Erasmus+ is taking the role of the former Lifelong Learning Erasmus program (2007-2013) that has been one of the success stories of the European Union. Since 1987, the program has promoted the cross-border mobility of students for studying or doing an internship in another European country. Usually all students that have obtained an exchange place in one of the European Erasmus exchange programs of the University of Kaiserslautern are eligible for Erasmus funding.



PROMOS Scholarships

The DAAD (Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst/ German Academic Exchange Service) has created a  program called PROMOS (Programm zur Steigerung der Mobilität von deutschen Studierenden) designed to support German students during short academic stays as well as for studying or working abroad. 



BAföG Abroad

BAföG (Bundesausbildungsförderungsgesetz) financial aid for a study abroad is not restricted to students who already receive BAföG for their studies in Germany. Because of the higher rates for studying abroad, students who normally are above the threshold for BAföG due to their parents' income could possibly be funded by BAföG for a study abroad. Within the framework of  BAföG Abroad, tuition fees of up to € 4.600 per year of study are reimbursed. In addition, students may apply for travel expenses and a health insurance allowance as well as a foreign allowance when staying outside of the EU. Funding of stays abroad does not need to be paid back.




After the mobility

Hand in the request for validation to the exchange coordinator within two months after having received your transcript of records/certificate from the university abroad.


Therefore the following documents are required:

  • Letter of Appearance (Partner University)


The exchange coordinator hands on your request to the examination board, which finally decides about the acknowledgement of your academic achievement.






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